Voor het individueel permanent markeren van metalen producten, is de Pryor laser box uitermate geschikt.

Laser marking is faster than most other forms of permanent marking and capable of greater output and increased productivity. It can also create a more variable mark and produce designs and layouts on various materials that are more aesthetically pleasing. 

The YF20Pro offers the greatest variability, more colours and more effects. The Pro also has a wider frequency which allows the machine to be utilised for deep, clean engraving with no need for after-treatment. 

The Pryor Cabinet Laser is a Fibre laser which has proven to be the most reliable, meaning that you need not worry about downtime. It has very low running costs and is the most efficient on the market. 

It is a non-contact marking system that does not create any stress points or deformation to the material being marked. It is an ideal solution when the shape of the part being marked is integral to its application. Unlike other marking systems where there is contact which may blunt the marking tool, the cabinet laser bears no consumable costs.

Also, the part being marked does not need to be clamped or fixed to be secure so it is very safe, easy, and low cost to set up.

Pryor's cabinet laser has been designed with the user in mind and uniquely has a pilot beam, otherwise known as a focus finder, which allows the user to see exactly where the machine is set to mark, enabling fast and accurate setup by. Safety is also important, so the cabinet laser has an emergency STOP button and multiple key switch interlock system which make the system very easy to use. The user can also monitor the marking progress through a large viewing window. Pryor would recommend that you wear safety goggles whilst doing so. 

  • No stress points or deformation to the material being marked
  • No need for clamping - safe and easy to set up
  • Minimal consumable costs
  • Low running costs
  • Highest levels of reliability